Écrin des muses

Posted by Kate Hubley on March 18, 2014 in

A collection of fine jewelry inspired by 5 passionate Montreal women

I am so proud and excited to share my latest project with you – Écrin des muses (The Muses’ Jewel Box).

Over the next few months, I will be creating a custom-designed piece of jewelry for five of Montreal’s most adored fashion influencers and bloggers. They are such vibrant and engaging women – they’re my muses – inspiring a collection that reflects their individual personalities, as well as the beauty of Quebec.

These women shimmer with life and spending time with them sparked so much magic and inspiration for my creations.

Each piece will also incorporate an element of Quebec. It could be a stone, inspiration from nature, culture or architecture… A wonderful creative challenge.

Without further ado, here is the bevy of bloggers involved the project (introduced in the order we met up.)

Carrie MacPhersonCarrie MacPherson so downtown. So uptown. Co-founder and Editor in Chief at Zurbaines, Social Media Coordinator at Holt Renfrew and Professional Montrealer, she is a total glamour girl who exudes joie de vivre. If you want the scoop on all the latest and greatest fashion, spa and restaurant news, you really have to follow her.

TWITTER : twitter.com/eatdrinkbcarrie
FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/Zurbaines
SITE : zurbaines.com

K8 Jewerly Concepts Bijoux_Camille Dg_ Le Cahier_2

Camille Dg is a TV personality and reporter, appearing on a number of programs on French as well as English stations since 2009. As though that were not enough, she is also Founder and Editor in Chief at Le Cahier and President of the interactive agency Codemorse. A woman with simple elegance – and a contagious smile – she shares lots of valuable lifestyle, beauty and fashion tips with her followers.

TWITTER : https://twitter.com/CamilleDg
FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/bloguelecahier
BLOGUE : LeCahier.com


Gabrielle Regimbal… Raised in Quebec City, a Montrealer by choice, with the je ne sais quoi  of a Parisian and the passion of a New Yorker.  She is an avid lover of all art forms, drawn towards everything that is beautiful… that stirs our emotions. A contributor to the blogue Mode 34B, Gabrielle is also a copywriter at Montreal ad agency Brad. Let’s just say she has a way with words and entralls us with reports on so many interesting subjects.

FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/ModeTrotterBlog
TWITTER : https://twitter.com/mode34b
BLOGUE : www.mode34b.com

CindyLou ModeTrotterBlog

Cindy Lou is a proud Montrealler addicted to all things “girly”. Freelance journalist, fashion designer, inveterate blogger and social media junkie, she is also founder of the fashion blog ModeTrotterBlog, where she shares all her favourite things with women looking for the latest trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyle.  Three words to describe Cindy Lou? Chic, natural, lovely. Take a moment to get to know her.

TWITTER : twitter.com/CindyLou
FACEBOOK : facebook.com/mode.trotter
BLOGUE : modetrotterblog.com


A public relations and social media maven, Marie-Annick Boisvert is an inspiring person who talks about events and event planning, social media, travel, must-haves, and even lifestyle. She is also an important player at the ad agency Bleu Blanc Rouge. Funky, fun and passionate, she is your go-to for everything that’s “hot” in Montreal. She can even tell you what to order off the menu! You’ll love her posts.

TWITTER : twitter.com/marianik1968
FACEBOOK : www.facebook.com/marianik
BLOGUE : marianik.com

And there you have it. This week I will be jumping into the design phase and will share sneak peaks into the creative process, as well as other surprises, in my next post.

So follow me – and follow the evolution of our project:

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