Hi Everyone

Posted by Kate Hubley on October 30, 2013 in


Phew! This was a big project, but I really wanted to create a place where you would enjoy coming back to visit.

This is just the beginning – there’s so much more to come. I’ll be posting lots more collections in the next few weeks, beautiful photos in the gallery, and musings about all things shiny in my blog.

Even more exciting – I’ll be offering some great promos on a regular basis, just in time for the Holidays and other special occasions.

Be the first hear about them and get exclusive insider offers – but you have to sign up for the K8 newsletter or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

And I love hearing from you too. Please leave your comments about the site.
Have jewelry questions? Maybe your inquiries will even inspire a bog post.

Well, I’ll keep this post short and sweet for today.

Hope you’ll come back soon.

Kate (aka K8)