Simple sleek geometry is turned on its side with a little asymmetry. In fact, please do turn it on its side. That is where you’ll discover design details, texture, colour, and the brilliance of gemstones flashing along the perimeter, like a marquee that lights up your fabulousness. Inspired by the power of light, the Lumina collection includes rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces in gold and silver.


The Lumina jewellery collection reflects contemporary design, architecture and culture, specifically from one of the Luminotherapy installations at Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles. The original design was created as part of a custom jewelry design for the delightful Camille Dg of and

K8 has designed her bracelets and rings to be playfully interactive and ideal for stacking. The Lumina designer pendants are available in two sizes with different chain lengths so you can layer necklaces to create your unique look.

All Lumina jewellery is available in yellow gold, rose gold (pink gold) and white gold. Choose from gorgeous gemstones including pink sapphires, purple sapphires, orange sapphires, blue sapphires, tsavorite (green garnets), colourless diamonds (white diamonds) and black diamonds. Lumina jewelry without gemstones (pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets) is also available in sterling silver (925 silver).