Inspired by the twists and turns of dizzying rollercoaster rides,  this stacking ring set is metaphor for the unpredictable exhilaration of  life. The design is intentionally clean, modern and uncluttered so that the eye is drawn immediately to the single row of coloured gemstones, which are like the wagons on the rides, swishing and swerving.

Adding to the playfulness, this colourful stacking ring set looks different from every perspective, as though you were walking around the fairgrounds or were at the very top of a roller coaster ride looking down on the world, awaiting a new adventure.

The 4 Carnival Stacking Rings 

As shown here. All gold and gemstone combinations are available, should you so desire.

Ferris Wheel – 18k yellow gold with natural untreated zircons  (0.75ct)
Ascent – 18k rose gold with natural pink sapphires (0.38ct)
Brace – 19k Super white gold with natural blue sapphires (0.43ct)
Wave – 18k yellow gold with natural beryllium-treated orange sapphires (0.55ct)

Description of Carnival Stacking Ring Set

Gemstone options include:

  • Blue sapphires
  • Pink sapphires
  • Orange sapphires
  • Natural golden zircon

Learn more about sapphires here:
Sapphires – GIA

Learn more about natural zircon here:
Zircon – GIA

The Carnival Roller Coaster Ring Gold options:

  • 14 and 18 karat rose gold
  • 14 and 18 karat yellow gold
  • 14, 18 and 19 karat Super white gold.


You be the jewelry designer! I would be thrilled to customize any of my fine jewelry creations for you. Please contact me for a quote on your special request. All of my jewelry is guaranteed for craftsmanship, and the quality you receive matches the quality I promise in my jewelry descriptions.


When you purchase the full set, you save 20%. Please select your gold choice when you place your order and I will contact you to discuss and confirm your choices of stones.

K8 and her team of master jewelers make this piece to order and will ship it to you within 10 business days

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