Gold and gemstone necklace



What do you see when you gaze at this Precious Time pendulum necklace with pinkish red spine and black diamonds? It seems to speak to everyone so differently. Some have told me that it reminds them of the art deco motifs of the Roaring Twenties. Others say it has a distinctively regal or Medieval aura about it. To me, it represents a place of hypnotic calm.

Wear it as a pendant OR as a Y necklace.

K8’s Inspiration for her “Precious Time” Pendulum Necklace 

The Precious Time fine jewelry collection is an ode to the power of time. Because life will expose you to extremes. Highs and lows. As the pendulum marks time, coming to rest in the center, where all is calm, revel in the highs, embrace the lows. This Precious Time necklace in rose gold and silver, enhanced by a rainbow of gemstones and lively ceramic coloring, offers endless ways to express what the power of time means to you.

Revel in the moment.

Description of Rose Gold Pendulum Necklace

This Precious Time necklace is available in 14 karat rose gold and 18 karat rose gold with spinel center stone surrounded by high-quality black diamonds.

  • 14 karat gold: 4.5 grams
  • 18 karat gold: 5.25 grams
  • Black diamonds: 0.35 total carat (AA+ quality)
  • 5 x 3 mm red pinkish red spinel
  • 18″ adjustable rolo chain
  • Yes, you may replace spinel with any gemstone your heart desires. Please contact us for a quote.

Learn more about spinel here:
Spinel – GIA

We would be thrilled to customize any of our pieces for you. Please contact us for a quote on your special request.

K8 and her team of master jewelers make this piece to order and will ship it to you within 10 business days. All of my jewelry is guaranteed for craftsmanship, and the quality you receive matches the quality I promise in my jewelry descriptions.

Seriously Playful Fine Jewelry. Exquisitely crafted in Montreal.