Gold, Tanzanite & Spinel


Bespoke Voyage Double Ring

Punch up the color! This Voyage bespoke double ring with incredibly saturated tanzanite and pinkish-red spinel is a one of a kind piece. I personally purchased this gorgeous stone in Tanzania and created a top motif inspired by the intersection of cultures and peoples  in the country, in particular, Zanzibar. An intersection that would change the course of history and the human experience.

The ultimate cocktail ring, this piece is perfect for the woman with an elegant edge who is in love with the subtleties of the world around her.

K8’s Inspiration for her Voyage Double Rings

A K8 statement jewelry collection, Voyage plays mostly with the paisley motif. This ring features architectural details of  the historic doors of Zanzibar. The intricate designs of this collection are like an invitation to go on a magic carpet ride to faraway places and faraway times – or to push open doors to discover our shared humanity. A little exotic, a little classic, each piece in this collection has its own allure.

Bespoke Double Ring  

There is only one tanzanite like this available. If you would like your own Voyage Double Ring with different gemstones, it would be an honor for me to create your own bespoke ring. Perhaps you have a favorite gem or color combination. I can present you with the finest gems from highly reputable dealers who strive for responsible sourcing.

Also, the ring you see here is two-tone rose and white gold. You can opt for one gold color or any mix of colors – as you wish.

Please contact me to discuss your dream ring.

Description of Gold, Tanzanite & Spinel Double Ring

This double ring is available in 18 karat rose gold and 18 karat white gold, with one-of-a-kind tanzanite and pinkish-red spinel. Please see above for more bespoke options.

  • 18K: 24 g
  • Tanzanite: 10 x 6 mm (2 ct.)
  • 2 x 2.5 mm round pinkish red spinel
  • 2 x 3 mm trillium pinkish red spinel
  • Sizes: 6+7
  • Can be reset in the following sizes: 5+6,  7+8,  8+9
  • Can also be set in larger sizes. Please contact me for a quote.

Me and my team of master jewelers make this piece to order and will ship it to you in approximately 10 business days. All of my jewelry is guaranteed for craftsmanship, and the quality you receive matches the quality I promise in my jewelry descriptions.

Seriously Playful Fine Jewelry. Exquisitely crafted in Montreal.