Vive Earrings




Bring out your electric, colorful side with g these gorgeous rose gold earrings  and Mozambique royal purple garnets  – a coveted violet stone with delicious flashes of red. Oh so regal. Garnets of this quality and color are more and more difficult to find. ORder today so you won’t be disappointed.

An exclusive design by K8 Jewelry, these purple garnet earrings are available in 14 karat rose gold or 18 karat rose gold.

The delicate floral design of these fairytale earrings are lovely for everyday wear. They are also designed specifically to match the K8 VIVE colored gemstone bridal collection, and are perfect for the bride-to-be, the wedding party and/or the mother of the bride or groom.

Symbolism of Garnet

Garnet is often associated with purity, balance and  inner strength. Morever, this  garnet in particular is charged with even more significance given its rich royal purple coloring, which evokes nobility, luxury, creativity, wisdom, dignity and magic.

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Description of Purple Garnet Earrings

These Vive colored gemstone earrings with oval purple garnets are available in 14 karat rose gold and 18 karat rose gold: