Lumina Layering Necklace

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The simple sleek geometry of this solid gold Lumina necklace makes it perfect for layering. Inspired by the clean lines of modern architecture, it evokes a funky urban vibe.

K8’s Inspiration for her Lumina Layering Necklace

The lights, the architecture, the culture… and, of course, the fabulous women pursuing their dreams. They each emanate their own unique aura – a light so radiant you can virtually reach out and touch it. Inspired by contemporary design, K8's Lumina fine jewelry collection celebrates those urban dreams and the power of light that resides in every woman.

Details of Lumina Layering Necklace

14K: 3.25 g
Pendant: 3/4” x 2 mm
Rolo chain: 16” x 1 mm