Emerald Dreams Castle Ring in 18K
Emerald Dreams Castle Ring in 18K
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💚💎💚What is a queen without her castle? This majestic Castle Ring -- part of my Emerald Dreams collection -- is a bespoke creation. Inspired by the enchantment of a Mediaeval castle, a symbol of strength, romance, intrique, protection and the attainment of your dreams. It is an ode to personal power and wisdom. After all, according to ancient lore, emeralds endow you with the power to tell truth from deception. 

Made with love in Montreal.

Details of this Emerald Statement Ring by K8 Jewelry
  • 18K yellow gold (approximately 18 grams)
  • 2.77-carat Afghan emerald (Panjshir Valley)
  • 0.50 ct carats pink sapphire mêlée 
  • 0.30 carats VS diamonds, E-F color
  • Size 7 (can be slightly sized up. I can create the same ring with a different emerald in another size. I will show you other options and adjust the price up or down accordingly).


Learn more about Panjshir emeralds

Want to know more what makes these emeralds so special? This article published by GIA shares in-depth information on inclusions and other differentiating features. Lots of fun science in that article.

Learn more about emeralds in general here:
Emeralds – GIA


I created The Dream Project to help women and girls in Afghanistan any small way I can. For the smiles and faces eager to learn and embrace a bright and promising future. The emeralds in this collection are mined in the Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan, by a small network of artisinal miners and gem dealers - and proceeds are donated to the fantastic award-winning organization Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

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