Emerald Necklace in 18K
Emerald Necklace in 18KEmerald Necklace in 18K
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💚💎💚 This striking statement necklace with bright and lively 1.83-ct emerald is a one-of-a-kind creation. Plus, it endows you with special powers: according to ancient lore, emeralds allow you to tell truth from deception. Think of it as your third eye!
Made with love in Montreal.

PAYING IT FORWARD: $600 from the purchase of this necklace will be donated to educate women and girls of Afghanistan through the award-winning non-profit Canadian Women for Women in Afganistan. BUT you make the donation so YOU get the tax credit and I take that amount off the price.

Details of this Emerald Statement Necklace by K8 Jewelry
  • 18K gold 
  • 40 mm long (approx. 1 5/8 inches)
  • 1.83-carat Afghan emerald (panjshir Valley)
  • Certified Canadian round brilliant VS diamonds: 0.34 ct (TDW)
  • Pear-shaped VS diamonds: 0.11 ct (TDW)
  • 20" wheat chain, 1.25 mm diameter


Learn more about Panjshir emeralds

Want to know more what makes these emeralds so special? This article published by GIA shares in-depth information on inclusions and other differentiating features. Lots of fun science in that article.

Learn more about emeralds in general here:
Emeralds – GIA



I created The Dream Project to help women and girls in Afghanistan any small way I can. For the smiles and faces eager to learn and embrace a bright and promising future. The emeralds in this collection are mined in the Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan, by a small network of artisinal miners and gem dealers - and proceeds are donated to the fantastic award-winning organization Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

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